Pilot's Log

See what our satisfied collection of adrenaline junkies and mind blown scenery lovers have to say about Tiger Moth Joy Rides:

Alicia Homann on her Surfers Paradise Thrillseeker Flight a Birthday Gift from her family.

Duncan's 30 min Surfers Paradise Scenic Flight

A 30 minute scenic flight over Surfers Paradise in an open cockpit biplane - one of many personalised TIGER MOTH Joy Rides available over the Gold Coast and it's Hinterlands.

It was undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating things I have EVER done. What a hoot!

The pilot and I communicated through my flying ace leather audio headset (complete with Biggles-like Straparound glasses) using a small toggle switch and microphone poised solidly in front of my mouth. I could chat with my pilot (Kirk) after cupping my hand over the microphone to limit air noise, or just sit back and listen to a commentary on what landmarks we were passing. This interaction with Kirk was a total pleasure as he provided me with an excellent view of a glamorous and spectacular section of coastline. as a very personalized service.

Being in an open cockpit is addictive! How could flying inside of a pressurized cabin ever compare again to this totally awesome sense of flying free with the wind swirling around you?

Some things you will never forget - and this will definitely be one of them!

how smooth a ride it was thanks to the great flying skills of my pilot. No one need be afraid to fly in this small biplane. You are made to feel extremely safe.

Duncan Waddell

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Oly's Aerobatics over the Airfield

"Greatest thrill of my life!
Everyone was really friendly and had an awesome time"


"My flight was awesome.... Sweet!"

Robert James was given an Adrenalin Rush flight as a gift from his wife and flew with Tiger Moth Joy Rides on Saturday 8 March 2008.

Robert flew from the Tiger Moth Airfield at Pimpama to Stradbroke Island where he performed aerobatics over the water.

Robert made a DVD of his flight and has placed it on YouTube:

Jack Taylor gives Tiger Moth Joyrides the thumbs up!

Jack was given the joyride as a birthday present from his Sister, and they both came down on a lovely April day - along with a picnic lunch and a couple of cameras.

They were so impressed they gave Tiger Moth Joyrides a big wrap. The view was tremendous, and it wasn't half as scary as he expected.

Jack's now an ace flier, and has made a DVD of the experience and has put it on You Tube as well!

Clifton Schultz - Rainforest and Beaches Flight with Aerobatics

"To Tiger Moth Joyrides,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing joyride I took on the 13/4/08. Aircraft and flying has always been an interest to me and it has been a dream for sometime now to go for a fly in a Tiger Moth. The pilot Geoff is a happy type of guy and in no way did I feel unsafe with him behind the controls. The aircraft itself I thought was in amazing condition. Luckily it was an amazingly beautiful day and from the air the scenery looked breathtaking.

I took the rainforest and beaches flight with aerobatics. The rainforest part took us past waterfalls and beautiful cliff faces. We then flew back towards the coast and followed the beach up past the Gold Coast. All of this was amazing but the best was yet to come with the aerobatics. We did loops and rolls and downward spins. It was mind blowing.

So thank you Tiger Moth Joyrides for making this dream of mine a reality. I won’t forget it for a very long time and yes I will be back.

I’ve posted a video of the flight on Youtube."

- Clifton Schultz